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The Langenburg Maserati is a limited production prototype for a 1996 two passenger Gran Tourismo sports coupe based on a Maserati chassis and drive train.

Introduced to the public at the 1995 Concours Italiano, the Italian classic and sports car show held concurrently with the most prestigious classic car show in the world, The Concours d` Elegance at Pebble Beach, Monterey California, this exceptionally elegant and extremely fast sportscar built by Langenburg Styling and Research is the only true two seat touring car on the market today!

The car is a front engine, rear wheel drive, two door coupe, available with a four, six or twelve cylinder turbocharged powerplant producing up to 500 BHP. ( brake horse power )

Interior appointments include a complete built in office with worldwide hookups for all the voice activated, remote controlled computer equipment, cellular phones and fax machines, computer based CD maps, Global positioning devices, TV and video equipment, etc., for the convenience of the busy executive on a business trip, or traveling for other purposes.

One of the features that makes this car so unique is the extremely large luggage compartment ( not available in any other two passenger sportscar today ) accommodating a complete set of luggage with ample space left for extra computer equipment and data storage, attachˇ cases, golf clubs, cosmetic boxes, picnic baskets, coolers etc., allowing two persons to take a long trip in complete comfort.

The whole interior is fashioned from the finest imported leathers. The luggage compartments ( including the well equipped trunk space ) with matching sets of luggage and accessories ( or if desired the complete interior of the car ) are available in the patterns of the worlds leading couturiers like Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Ted Lapidus, Carthier, Hermes, Givenchy, Balmain, Balenciaga and others.

In today's security conscious environment the Langenburg Maserati stands alone as the top of the line two passenger sportscar. Available with bulletproof glass or in a completely armored version ( without major changes in the basic design of the car ) allowing executives to travel in great comfort and complete security without resorting to the rather bulky and heavy set limos or four door sedans in armored form on the market today.

There are over twenty world wide patents ( pending ) incorporated in the design of this car. Just to mention a few: the elimination of side view mirrors, replacing them with a highly sophisticated electronic video system, allowing a complete side and rear view from the two dashboard mounted video screens. This system eliminates the danger of any accidents caused by blindspots and back-ups.

Another patented system makes the car theft proof, another system operates the doors by remote control, eliminating the door handles. In case of an emergency, or mechanical problems the doors can be operated without difficulties. Our voice activated cruise control systems are designed using the latest in radar and infra red beams technology. There is an infra red system incorporated for night driving and driving in heavy fog, assisted by a display screen built into the the dashboard. All of the above mentioned systems have been designed and built by Langenburg Research.

The elimination of the side view mirrors and door handles, the addition of an integrated rear spoiler and stabilizers to the front and rear quarter panels, integrated front and rear bumper assemblies help stabilize the car at high speeds and at the same time streamline the body.




Langenburg Vehicle Security System


You've just worked six hours overtime putting the final touches on a presentation to new clients. It's 11:00 PM. The parking garage is empty and quiet. All you hear is the sound of your footsteps on the cold cement. As you unlock the door someone grabs you from behind.

You're sound asleep. You're abruptly awakened by the sound of your car alarm. As you rush outside to see what's going on, it's too late. The car thief pulls away. You're left wondering where the culprit is headed.


The alternative: The Langenburg Vehicle Security System

In the situations above, the problem is quite obvious: lack of surveillance. Imagine feeling completely safe approaching your car in an empty parking garage or on an abandoned street. Imagine being able to actually see where the thief who stole your car is driving. Now you can. The Langenburg Vehicle Security System uses state-of-the-art surveillance technology to prevent theft and to ensure your safety. Like the Langenburg Home Security System, the Vehicle Security System uses minuscule cameras (lenses smaller than a dime) for vehicle surveillance. Strategically hidden, they allow complete surveillance without detection by the human eye. Utilizing infrared technology, the Langenburg Vehicle Security System records even the slightest movement in complete darkness. How does one view the activity around his or her vehicle? The answer is a 1" x 1" display connected to a key chain or installed in a cellular phone. With a quick glance at the 1" x 1" display, the owner has a 1,500 feet viewing radius of his or her vehicle. If the system detects movement around the vehicle, an alarm sounds through the display. Our system uses satellite technology. In otherwords, an owner can be literally thousands of miles away from the vehicle and still have surveillance capabilities. When the alarm sounds three important functions are put into action:

1. The police are notified

2. You are notified through your display

3. Instant video recording begins

The benefits of owning the Langenburg Vehicle Security System are quite obvious. By taking a quick glance at the display prior to approaching a vehicle, one can feel completely safe that an "attacker" isn't anywhere in sight. Furthermore, the Langenburg Vehicle Security System makes car theft practically impossible. And if by chance a vehicle with our system is stolen, the surveillance cameras reveal where the thief is driving. As clearly shown, the Langenburg Vehicle Security System is the best defense against car theft and potential attackers.

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