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Langenburg Home Security System:

It's 2:00 AM. The neighborhood streets are dark and abandoned. You pull into your driveway feeling completely safe. You know that if there was a problem, your home security system would have alarmed the police and neighbors beforehand. You step out of your car, fumbling for your keys as you approach the well lit porch. Then it happens. You're attacked just seconds before entering your home. Your attacker was hiding in the bushes. He didn't even set off the security system.

It's your 25th wedding anniversary. You and your wife try to hire your regular baby-sitter to watch your two and four year old, but she's not home. You settle for the new neighbor teenager. She seems friendly and dependable, but you've only met her once. After a wonderful time on the town, you arrive home to a very unpleasant situation. The baby-sitter is fast asleep and your children are playing outside. It's midnight.

In both scenarios, the problem is lack of surveillance. With many home security systems, surveillance is only possible from within the house. In otherwords, you can only see a possible intruder if you are inside watching a surveillance monitor. In addition, many home security systems do not sound an alarm until after the intruder attempts to open a window or break a lock. And what's the point of video taping your baby-sitter? By the time you watch the tape, it's too late. The baby-sitter has already committed the crime. Sure, you can prevent it from happening again, but that's beside the point. The damage has already been done.

The alternative: The Langenburg Home Security System

Langenburg Research has the solution: The Langenburg Home Security System. What distinguishes the Langenburg Home Security System from other systems? Off site surveillance and minuscule cameras. With our system, minuscule surveillance cameras (lenses smaller than a dime) are installed throughout the home, inside and out. Strategically placed, they allow complete surveillance of an entire property without detection from the human eye. Utilizing infrared technology, the Langenburg Home Security System records even the slightest movement in complete darkness. The most exciting feature of our home security system is off site surveillance. Using state-of-the-art technology, home and business owners can monitor their property through a 1" x 1" display connected to a key chain or installed in a cellular phone. If the system detects human movement on the property or noises such as screams, an alarm sounds through the 1" x 1" display. Our system uses satellite technology. So even if you're thousands of miles from home, surveillance is still possible. When the alarm sounds three important functions are put into action:

1. The police are notified

2. You are notified through your display

3. Instant video recording begins

The benefits of owning the Langenburg Home Security System are quite obvious. Before pulling into your driveway and stepping out of your vehicle, you can do a complete surveillance with the 1" x 1" monitor to insure your property is "attacker and burglar free." If you're out of town, you can always do a quick surveillance for peace-of-mind. And if you're concerned about what your baby-sitter may or may not be doing, you can always do a quick "check up" without he or she ever knowing. As you can clearly see, the Langenburg Home Security System not only brings peace to your home, it brings peace to your mind.

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